Virus Removal

The last 4 years have seen an increase of over 1000% of viral infections. They appear in a variety of forms: trojans, worms, spyware, adware; you know them as simply annoying. Most of these viruses cannot be removed by a software product. Some “rootkit” viruses hide themselves so deeply in the operating system that conventional software is unable to see them. These require many levels of removal and carefully restoring proper system settings while preserving your data. The process can be extremely complex. It is not surprising that the average virus removal can take many hours.

General PC Repair

Does your PC refuse to power on or completely boot into Windows? Many different reasons can lead to blue screens, random error messages or missing critical data. We run a battery of tests to narrow down the problem and will communicate with you about what course of action will be required to properly fix it. Keeping your data safe is our top priority. Some shops will simply restore your PC to factory, effectively fixing the problem with a sledge hammer. We also provide a wide array of upgrade options for your laptop or desktop.

Laptop Repair

Since 2002 laptops has been outselling the personal desktop. Manufacturers are rushing to keep up with demand and are cramming more and more into compact spaces. Because of this, laptops tend to require a completely different skill set, tools and diagnostic equipment. Some even require low level repair not available at most repair shops. Is your screen cracked? Does it no longer charge or power on? Do power lights come on but no video will ever display? We specialize in laptop repair – even the stuff most other shops are afraid to tackle.

Wireless Networking

We can handle many types of networking problems, at your home or office; small business or large scale; local or remote solutions. Wireless technology is growing rapidly and is becoming more widespread. The convenience of using your laptop in any room of your home is becoming more and more popular. Wireless is very affordable and we can help set up this technology in your home or office. This also includes printers, remote storage, game consoles and any other wireless devices you may have.

Data Recovery

A new addition to our standard set of services is logical data recovery. We can now repair many types of damaged hard drives and restore your valuable information. We offer turn-key support, providing you a new hard drive and complete data recovery while fixing any corruption issues and getting your computer up and running. We will be able to provide you a quote based on the complexity and size of the job.